Custom & Handmade Collars


Custom & Handmade Collars

If you are looking for something special and unique for your pup then look no farther! These collars are handmade locally (by our store manager!) and can be made using almost any pattern, team, or hobby that your heart could desire for just $25.00. 

You can stop in the see the options we currently have in store or call us at the store at (727) 446-7999. If you know you'd want to place a special order you can also email us at  

We ship anywhere in the US!

How it works: 

1st: You will pick the size of the collar you need. The most common sizes we carry are 10", 12", 14", 16" and 20". The best way to size your dog is the measure their neck and add 2". 

2nd: You will pick the ribbon you'd like or let us know if you're looking for  something specific. (a certain sports team, character, pattern, etc.) 

3rd: Tell us if it is for a boy or girl. For girls you will get multiple bows around the collar and for a boy you'll get a bowtie. 

Collar Information: 

These collars are made of strong woven nylon and feature a silver metal buckle closure. We typically do not do adjustable collars because once these bows go on the collar they are not made to come off! 

These collars can truly be customized any way you'd like whether it's more bows, less bows, closer together or farther apart, bigger or smaller, your imagination is the limit!