Dog Food- We only carry the best!

Here at Fluffy Puppies of Pinellas we only carry food that has never had a recall and can not be found in big box retailers. Our products are privately owned and stand behind their food which means that all of our food is guaranteed. If you try something and your pet doesn't like it, bring it back! We are proud to say that we only carry the best foods at reasonable prices to fit every customer. 

Here is a look at some of our brands: 

Fromm Pet Food

Fromm is a 5th generation family owned and operated pet food company out of Wisconsin. They have been around since 1904 and focus on quiet innovation dedicated to the health and nutrition of animals. As a family owned business, Fromm focuses on doing the whats best for their customers, employees and company and makes sure their family values are upheld by working closely with senior management and all employees. 

Fromm offers several different types of food including their gold line, a grain-free line, a grain line, wet food, and treats. 


Farmina Pet Foods

Farmina is a family owned and operated business based out of Italy. They have been around since 1965 and shifted the company's focus to the pet food industry in 1999 with a fresh and new perspective. Farmina specializes in food research and formulation and continues to invest in technological research and development. 

Farmina offers a variety of different foods including their Natural and Delicious (N&D) line, N&D prime, N&D pumpkin, N&D ancestral grain and wet foods. 


Stella & Chewy's

Stella & Chewy's has been around for 16 years and was founded by Marie Moody. Marie was inspired by her own dog's rapid recovery when on a raw diet and and she began making the food in her kitchen. Marie still focuses on giving the best-in-class nutrition while always using pristine ingredients that are thoughtfully and responsibly sourced. 

Stella & Chewy's offers a wide variety of food and treats including frozen, freeze-dried, raw coated kibble and more! 


Nulo was founded in 2009 by Michael and his dog Max. Michael was thinking about dog food and health while on a long drive from California to Colorado and decided to do some research. He found that most pet foods were made with filler ingredients and that most major pet food brands contain more than 40% carb fillers and very little real meat protein. Michael was immediately concerned with what he was feeding Max and as a former biomedical engineer he decided to come with up a solution. Moving to Texas, he met with animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and food formulators to come with up a food that lived up to his standard of quality for Max. Nulo is high in animal-based protein, low in carbs and has a patented probiotic to aid with digestion. Their standard stands as "If Michael wouldn't feed it to Max, Nulo won't sell it".

Nulo offers a wide array of food that is perfect for the picky pet such as kibble, wet food, freeze-dried bites, treats and more. 


Victor was founded by a family in 1950 who built the facility from the ground up in Texas to assure that they were upholding the highest standards in nutrition. They carefully select ingredients that are sourced locally and strive to ensure that every formula is fresh, consistent and packed with nutrition. 

Victor offers several varieties of specialized food geared towards puppies, senior dogs, active dogs and more! 


Weruva was found in 2006 by David and Stacie Forman when searching for the best food for their 3 rescue cats. When the best wasn't good enough they sourced quality ingredients, developed some fantastic recipes and created it themselves. Once they rescued a dog they expanded their products to dog food as well. 

Weruva's food is produced in a human food facility using many of the ingredients and processes used in products made for people so what you see is what you get! This family owned business used proteins to provide the majority of calories, is hydration focused, no sodium and low fat.

Pure Vita 
Pure Vita lept into the Super Premium Pet Food Industry and stemmed from Tuffy's Dog Food Company in 2007 after 39 years. Having great success in the premium pet food industry owner Darrell "Tuffy" Nelson expanded into the holistic pet foods with Pure Vita and continues to run the company with his father in Minnesota. 
Pure Vita's lifted ingredient pet formulas are carefully prepared using specifically selected natural, holistic ingredients (with added vitamins and minerals) to support your pet's overall health and emotional well being. They pride themselves on being "pure life" and will continue to support your loving pet's health and well being in the highest quality way possible. 
Forza10 Legend
Forza Legend begins 40 years ago when Sergio Canello started his clinical research that showed pet food-related conditions were mostly caused by contaminants found in common ingredients. The main goal of the food is to offer the best nutritional solution to food intolerances in dogs. 
A large part of Forza Legend's "health through nutrition" is to eliminate foods with oxytetracycline, one of the most toxic and harmful chemical and pharmacological pollutants for the health of our pets. Dr. Sergio Canello and his team discovered and scientifically showed the toxicity through the analysis of inflammatory disorders. For this reason and more, Forza Legend continues to stay dedicated to clean, naturally sourced eating.