Meet the Groomers

Eve Hurst 
Eve has been grooming for about 18 years now and has been with Fluffy Puppies for 5 years. She does a lot of work with special needs dogs or dogs that might be a little more challenging to groom. Eve is extremely knowledgeable and is happy to cater to exactly what the customer wants or needs. In her free time Eve works with marine biology and loves to be out on the water. 
Call to schedule an appointment with Eve today! (727) 446-7999
Alex Kelley 
Alex has been grooming for 14 years and has been with Fluffy Puppies for 6 years. She has specialized training in "show dog" cuts and loves working with poodles and bichons. Alex is incredibly hard working and always makes a point to be as accommodating as possible with her clients. In her free time she spends time with her daughter Amirra and likes to go horseback riding. 
Call and schedule an appointment with Alex today! (727) 446-7999